An Artist’s Psalm and Creed

autumn compilation

O High King of heaven
Father of all mankind
Creator of all creation,
Temporal and eternal
Creator of Adam and Eve
You told us to multiply and manage Your creation
Active in history, eternal in time yet ever available.
You are pure Love.

O the Christ
Son of the Father
Creator of all creation with the Father
God who took on flesh through
Virgin Birth and helpless Babe
Through the Fellowship of the Holy Spirit
Mary and the Father –
Of One nature with the Father
Christ crucified for our sins – our Saviour
Christ crucified for our diseases – our Healer
Having stayed the course ‘til the wrath of God was satisfied
Died, buried in a borrowed grave, rising again on the third day (bodily)
Having taken the keys of Hades
Reversing the curse;
No more living under condemnation!
After showing Yourself to many witnesses
You ascended into heaven
And are now sitting a the right hand of the Father
Coming again to judge the living and the dead
You are pure Grace

O Holy Spirit
Sustainer and giver of life
Creator of all creation along with the Father and So
Teacher and giver of wisdom
Giving what is of Christ’s
Speaking through the prophets old and new
You come from the Father and the Son
Being of One nature with them
Doing nothing without them nor they without You.
Drawing us into fellowship with the Three in One and with each other
Believing in the resurrection of the dead
And life of the world to come.
Not by might, nor by power,
But by My Spirit say the Lord.
Your are pure Fellowship.

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